Palm fibre packaging


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This material is no longer available.

Palm fibre is a natural packaging material made of 100% raw palm pulp. Suitable for food packaging, this material is a natural, renewable and compostable. Palm fibre products will decompose within 90 days.

Before this natural packaging and paper alternative, leftover palm fibre had to be incinerated or sent to the  landfill, thus creating a waste stream with negative impacts for the environment and health of communities. Now, with the palm fibre packaging design concept from Earthcycle, the fibre continues its useful life in the form of disposable packaging and paper/carton packaging.

Next to food packaging, other developments in this material’s prototype stage include outer cartons and inner trays for the cosmetic industries.

Palm fibre is available in a minimum thickness off 0.6 mm and is processed by vacuum thermoforming. The result is an embossable and printable packaging material, which can be used in microwaves, ovens or fridges.

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