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This material is no longer available.

Okagel is a special insulating glass system. The inter-pane cavity is filled with translucent Aerogel. Thanks to its extraordinary physical properties, it is suited for many applications wherever light-diffusion and simultaneous thermal and sound insulation are demanded.

Okagel provides high quality thermal insulation. By using a light-diffusing silica aerogel in the cavity between the glass panes, Okagel enables very good light distribution within room, independent of changing irradiation conditions, together with glare protection.

The high grade thermal-insulating aerogel has an air content of around 97% and weighs just 75g per litre. Therefore, it is currently the lightest solid material and the best insulation material worldwide. The aerogel filling reduces the thermal transition in the space between the panes with regard to convection, thermal conduction and thermal radiation.

The microstructure of the aerogel is made up of a three-dimensional grid with an average pore size of around 20 Nm. This encapsulates the existing gas molecules and their movement, and also prevents any impact between them. This effectively prevents the convection as well directly stopping the thermal conduction in the gas phase. Due to the low percentage of materials, the solid state thermal conduction in the aerogel is minimal.

In addition to project-specific light transmission and total solar transmittance, Okagel offers excellent thermal insulation, good sound attenuation, UV control according to requirements, appealing appearance of insulating glass in daylight or artificial light, effect of depth when viewed from inside and outside and it is highly visible to birds.

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