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It’s no surprise that woodworking is one of humankind’s oldest skills. It is even older than originally speculated. In 2001, Spanish archaeologists, digging in the desert sands of Tanzania, recovered flint tools worn to an extent that could only result from heavy-duty activity, namely: woodcarving. These findings date back to 3000 BC.

What may be a surprise is that most common wood furniture-making techniques and tools used today date from that period, including carving, the dowel, mortise and tenon joints, the adze, chisel, saw, awl, and bow drill. Other techniques, such as the dovetail joint, halving joints and shoulder miters, were introduced a 1000 years later, around 2000 BC.

The craftsman of Cravt Original prefer the use of Acacia wood for the creation of their woodcarved panels. Acacia wood is a light hardwood favoured for its fine grain and natural flame like design or surface pattern. Because it takes a high polish, it is often used for ornamental purposes.

The Acacia, also known as a thorn tree or wattle, is a fast growing tree that flourishes even in poor soil. But, great results can only be achieved thanks to the dedication of skilled and talented artisans. These artisans are able to anticipate wood variations and justly account for them in order to maximize the strength and utility of the finished product.

Wood is a gorgeous, highly versatile material, lending itself to all kinds of treatments but it is definitely the craftsman that brings the best out of a piece of timber!

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