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Solar thin film glass is a novel energy producing material that is available in a range of colours.

The glass is a structural silicate PV glass in simple configuration, manufactured by Onyx. The first layer is laminated/float front glass. Behind this is an amorphous silicon layer, then a plastic encapsulant (either PVB or EVA) and finally another sheet of laminated or float back glass. The PV glass can be constructed in a double or triple configuration.

The thin-film building integrated PV glazing is useful in many kinds of exterior building application. Energy is generated actively by the PV glass. Aside from this, the glass passively cools and increases general comfort by maximising available light entry. Elements made using this glass should be able to replace similar, non-PV active glazing in existing buildings.

Onyx supplies the glass in a wide range of colours, patterns and levels of transparency. Glass thickness and size is also variable, which allows for many applications, ranging from walls, walkable floors, curtain walls, skylights, double skins and roofs.

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