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This material is no longer available.

Starting with what is known from the principles of origami paper folding techniques and qualities, trex:lab has developed a series of methods for rubberizing origami structures, yielding incredibly resilient new forms and functions.

OriMetric is a parametric generated designed material which follows an intelligent pattern, allowing the material inherent multiple functional qualities such as shock absorption. It is expandable and collapsable, while always remembering its original shape. The technical qualities of the material also include sound absorption, along with a 3D form allowing it to revolve around corners and be round shaped if desired.

Here, the Ancient Japanese Art of origami is blended with a new industrial process to form an entirely new category of a patent-pending technical material. The combination of industrial processing and traditional folding suggests a new way to think about the technology and aesthetics of material development. The process, which is named OriMetric, is a computational method of digitalizing the folded tessellations and casting them into thin polymer structures. Each pattern has unique characteristics and qualities and can be scaled to fit utilization.

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