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Looking for bright and sparkly light solutions? Jungbecker Optics is specialised in diffusing and light guiding precision optical sheets. Their technique – originally developed for fresnel lenses and applied in the solar energy sector – has now made its way into the world of lighting design for architecture, automotive design, creating asymmetrical LDC, advanced corridor lighting, LED Applications, and aviation industry photovoltaics.

Standard varieties available within the Prisma Customized product line include: Circular Fresnal Lens, Lens Array, Linear Fresnel Grid, Linear Fresnel Lens, Circular Sine Prism, LED Collimator and Laminate Prisms and Sheets.

As a producer of precision moulded and embossed parts, Jungbecker also offers micro-structured special optics for louvers, particularly within the automotive and aerospace industries.

The internal R&D and construction teams manage a wide variety of different developments. As an internationally operating business, Jungbecker operates with globally recognized quality standards.

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