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Vyva Fabrics presents a new fabric line for furnishings based on fine fibres in HEMP, the perfect link between indoor and outdoor living.

Hemp is one of the most antique botanical fibres, its origin dates back to 6,000 years ago. Grown without the use of fertilisers and chemical products, it is the most suitable natural textile material for outdoor living because it is resistant to extreme weather conditions. It has been used for centuries to make cords, sails and tents.

A highly protective fibre, it filters 95% of UV rays. It is resistant to wear and tear, has dimensional and humid tenacity and stability. It is particularly popular in clothing because it is pleasant to touch, fresh and has the highest transpiration capacity in nature.

Contact with nature is the inspiration for this new fabric.

Nowadays outdoor living is much more than a trend. It’ s a way of life, a concept of spirit. It is the dimension of fluid living. Being out in the open means more living, more wellness, much more lounge and cooking. Small or large outdoor spaces reflect the character, culture and personality of whoever lives there.

Vyva Fabrics Hemp Collection is the ideal fabric for living absolutely freely every single space within the house. Its smooth equilibrium gives outdoor space the same classy elegance in living and spreads into indoor spaces like a breath of fresh air.

Hemp Collection has both anti-static and waterproof treatment that protects the fabric from ongoing climatic exposure. This means that dust and liquids slide off without penetrating the fibre, making it climate resistant. Any wind is sea wind, and when it blows it fills sails and carries you far away. Vyva Fabrics’ Hemp Collection fabrics are ready to set sail towards new horizons.

Photos: Denise Zwijnen

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