Palm Panels

United Kingdom

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This material is no longer available.

These handmade Palm Panels are made from coconut shell, an unused industry by-product, and come in a smooth and flexible range (published before). Smooth is a fixed rigid product.

The variation from light to dark chip colour is achieved by processing the coconut fruit at different stages of ripening. All individual coconut shell pieces are carved and then hand placed on a panel either vertically or horizontally onto the plywood in distinctive patterns.

Once these coconut chips are in place on the plywood which serves as a backing, filler is then applied, filling and securing each chip and giving the palm panel its solid surface and colored backdrop. Or alternatively, no filler is added as for three-dimensional finish which retains the natural and textured surface.

The Palm Panels make a variety of interior applications possible, furniture, interior wall cladding, store fixtures, hospitality interiors and spa projects, screens, ceilings, commercial mill work, doors, art work, pillars, splash backs, tile features and marquetry.
6 designs are available; Dakota, Gozo, Cosmo, Chicane, St.Tropez and Tribecca, with 3 filler options, Dark Brown, ivory or No Filler

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