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Wrapping & Specialty tapes


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These materials are manufactured by Amohr which offer a large arrange of wrapping tapes and specialty tapes. The wrapping tapes come in multiple varieties namely: Nylon Rope, Cotton, Nylon, Polyester, Special-Materials. Most are wrapping/scrim tapes are light weight, translucent and available in multiple widths.

The specialty tapes combine synthetic yarns and conductive materials in woven or warp-knitted narrow fabrics, In close co-operation with their customers they develop tapes which need specific technical specifications regarding: Specific conductivity, bending resistance, weather resistance, drape ability, flexibility, highest tear strength, smart-textile-ability.

We selected the following five materials for their specific charateristics:
Wrapping tapes: Scrim Tape 3102 (open/ transparent), Amotape 1610 (white)
Speciality tapes: the Conductive tape 3750 (thin white), the Conductive tape 45010 (black), Antistatic tape 3365 (grey)

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