PerfectSense® Feelwood


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- story by Egger Benelux BV


EGGER is the first wood-based material manufacturer to combine a matt lacquer surface with Feelwood textures that are synchronised to the respective decor pattern. Never before have optics and haptics been brought into harmony in such a way.

The new product meets the trend of matt, oiled real wood surfaces and shows a naturalness never before achieved on a sustainable wood-based coreboard. You can see it, but you can feel it above all.

The new lacquered board variant also impresses thanks to its anti-fingerprint property. This is particularly advantageous with dark colours, as virtually no fingerprints can be seen. The matt lacquer with its resistant properties makes the product innovation suitable for all vertical applications. PerfectSense Feelwood is particularly suitable for use in bathrooms and kitchens, where furniture and interior fittings have to withstand moisture and heat.

The board is available in 6 natural decors in  the dimensions 2,800 x 2,070 mm and 19,6 mm thickness. ABS edges (23 x 1.0 mm), which are optimally matched to the surfaces in terms of decor and texture, complete the range.

The product innovation is based on a formaldehyde-reduced melamine-resin-coated Eurodekor E1E05 TSCA P2 CE board. The chipboard used consists of 89% renewable resources and 70% recycled material or by-products from the sawmill industry.

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