Perforated Façade Systems

Bruag AG

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Formboard top pine and CELLON Facade Systems by Bruag are back-ventilated systems available with an endless variety of perforations. Formboard top pine is based on wooden boards with polyurethane bonding. CELLON meanwhile is a carrier board made from a compact high-pressure laminate board (HPL), based on 70% paper layers and 30% phenol resin.

Suitable for exterior and interior use, these highly compressed wood-based boards are cut using laser-techology to create fine filigree patterns and perforations. These materials are suitable for not only facades but also for balcony balustrades, acoustic partition walls and sliding screens – to name just a few applications.

The boards are coated with a diffusible wood-stain finish. Any drill holes needed for installation, along with support systems with fixings, are added before delivery.

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