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Erika Cross

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- story by MaterialDistrict

An exploration in material efficiency through a cross-disciplinary investigation in mathematics, physics, and material studies has led to the creation and development of TriFold, a flexible, self-supportive cork composite.

This new composite enhances cork’s inherent properties and circumvents its shortfalls by equalizing the delicate relationship between compression and tension.

TriFold is a sandwich composite with a textile core and a two tessellated cork exterior layers. Reducing the surface of each cork segment through tiling in collaboration with the textile center, the cork is relieved of any tensile strain, restoring the material to its ideal and most impressive performance characteristic, compressive strength.

Blurring the boundaries between disciplines, TriFold’s creator Erika Cross takes a personal approach to design, focusing on concept development, materials application, design engineering and aesthetic appeal (not specifically in that order). Through an experimentation-based research process, Erika aims to reinterpret convention as a means to create more meaningful experiences.

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