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PHENOMENON – Honeycomb


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PHENOMENON – Honeycomb
Design Tokujin Yoshioka 2010
A collection which evokes the research done in the last years by Tokujin Yoshioka on the interaction of the natural phenomena and laws with his creativity. PHENOMENON is a ceramic project which is able to express the originality of the texture derived from nature not to mimic its aspect but to awaken the sensation it brings to us.
The artisanal handmade Phenomenon Mosaics are made from porcelain stoneware listellos/tesserae, dry pressed and then handmade processed.

Sizes: Honeycomb A, Honeycomb B: 1.1×1.1 cm on a net of 30×30 cm
Colors: Bianco, Grigio, Moka
Thickness: 10 mm
Use: wall covering
Technical features: vitrified material, acid resistant, and easy to be cleaned and maintained.

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