Phoenix Leather Collection

United States
EcoDomo LLC

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A range of decorative panels made from reclaimed used leather belts. The panels are made to order using cleaned, measured, and polished leather belts. The substrate is either a flexible surface (up to 80mm radius) or thin MDF.

The belt panels are available in brown, black or ‘multicolour’ options. The multicolour version contains different colours mixed together, as it is hard to find many belts of the same hue. Each panel is made to size and can be used in interior applications such as hospitality, restaurants, retail and domestic interiors.

Installation is the same as for acoustic paneling. Clips, adhesive or French cleats are possible. Panel sizes range from 15cm x 120cm up to 120cm x 120cm. The manufacturer, EcoDomo, is developing uses for recycled leather for various applications. As a finishing material, the Phoenix collection can replace wood veneer. The idea is that it is a ecologically responsible way to reuse belts that would otherwise go to waste.

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