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This material is a flexible electro-heating grid integrated in a woven yarn. It is suitable for use in smart textiles or composite materials, either for the composite production process (such as heating moulds) or for composite material functionality (such as integrated heating).

Its open structure is designed in particular to allow good resin, foam or rubber impregnation. Generally, the yarns holding the heating circuit in place are weak. This is done on purpose to avoid introducing other constraints in the final composite material. They can eventually be modified for specific applications.

The heating circuits are made from Thermotech electro-heating yarns, a material by the same manufacturer, which can be covered with PTFE insulating material. Other materials, such as glass braiding and silicon impregnation, are also possible insulators. The heating yarn is spaced throughout the fabric to spread out the heating. It follows a continuous path through a length of textile.

Advantages include being easy to lay and following 3D curved shapes. To follow smaller radius curves, incisions can be made in between the circuit ‘fingers’ on one side.

The material is usually sold in 50mm or 100mm width, but it can vary from 2mm to 400mm. Besides the width, the heating yarn type and insulation and the circuit pitch can be adjusted. A stretchable version is also possible.

Applications include smart textiles, composites and inductive materials.

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