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These beautiful panels/tiles with a creative use of luxury leather are handmade by craftsmen. The shown variety is called: Hove, Truno, Fishscale, Lima, Cuboid, Foliage and Spoke.

Specialising in advanced surface treatment and crafted material application, Pintark offers solutions from standard product and in-house patterns to commissioned works.

Celebrating the best of technology and crafting skills, Pintark brings together a range of exceptional materials and finishes acquired from across the world, to create ornamented surfaces for interior and furniture application.

Pintark is a brand of LOCO Design, a multi-disciplinary design house based in New Delhi. Known for its meticulous detailing and with a long-standing history in the luxury lifestyle market, LOCO’s portfolio encompasses Furniture & Accents, Accessories, Objet and Custom Solutions. The team, comprising of designers, technical specialists and architects, unite creativity and technological knowledge with craft and a thorough understanding of material. This unique brew of knowledge-based skills enables LOCO to continually innovate new work whilst remaining loyal to quality and service. Prototyping and manufacturing expertise form the backbone of LOCO, enabling the design house to offer its’ clients unique tailored services to conceptualize, develop and manufacture design that is relevant, considered and intentional.

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