Bamboo mosaic


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This material is no longer available.

Mosaic with biobased materials, like coconut shells, placed over wood is very popular. This bamboo mosaic can be added to that. Be it as wall decoration in living areas, as part of furniture design or in public spaces or exhibitions – mosaics bring surfaces alive. So it happens with this structured and plain bamboo mosaic design. Nature in harmony. Bamboo is a very sustainable material, as it grows to maturity within five years. It is the perfect and natural alternative to tropical hardwood, as these resources are being continually exploited on a worldwide scale and thus dangerously depleted. The possibilities of bamboo in these products is big – naturally, sustainably and with a large variety of possible uses. These bamboo mosaics are being delivered as tile sheets, with a backside mesh. As usual, mosaics can be mounted on walls or on other surfaces in whole sheets. These mosaics are also applicable as wall covering in bathrooms and finished with a polymer grout. The one which is most vivid is the KUL NC A3, a bamboo mosaic, structured with a natural colour and raw surface.
Type 20 x 20, Dimensions: 300 x 300 x 3-9 mm and per unit 11 mosaic tile sheets, 1 m²

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