Pitted Spatulata

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Spatulata finish is a mix of high-grade aged lime putty, micronised marble powder and special additives. This luxury finish is based on ancient wall decoration techniques, pioneered by the Egyptians and improved by the Romans, it became known as stucco lustro veneziano by the Venetians. Traditionally it was applied in 10-15 fine coats over a background of 2-3 layers of semi-dry marmorino and finally polished with hot irons. With Spatulata , modern additives have greatly improved the working characteristics enabling it to be successfully applied in just 5-7 layers and polished to a glossy shine with a small steel blade or trowel.

The polished plasters of Armourcoat come in 3 variations: Travertine, Pitted and Dragged. The Travertine finish has a light open texture and a directional quality similar to that of natural travertine stone. Pitted; the rugged, more grainy appearance of the Pitted finish combines with a less highly polished surface to create the appearance and feel of honed or lightly polished limestone. Dragged; inspired by the patterning of weathered rock.

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