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Piumafil is made out of 85% cotton and 15% kapok fibre, coming from the tropical tree Kapok, native to Indonesia, Java, Malaysia, West Africa, the Caribbean and the northern South America. Because of the enormous size the tree has effective CO2 absorbers with a positive impact on the carbon footprint.
The 100 % natural and biodegradable material has a cotton yarn blend with a light natural hollow fibre. Kapok is a cellulosic hollow fibre containing 80% of nothing but air. It is ultra lightweight, 6 times lighter than cotton and has good temperature regulation properties. The fibre is coated with a natural water repellent wax and absorbs almost no humidity.
Due to the silky soft characteristics of the Kapok fibre it is used as a filling for cushions, pillow, duvets, sleeping-bags and life jackets.
Application: all fields of textile such as hosiery, knitwear, shirting, underwear, socks, home textiles, technical textiles and medical textiles

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