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PSF makes sustainable products from collected waste plastic that is sorted, cleaned and ground. This plastic is pressed into sheet material, which is used to make tables and tile floors. The crushed plastic can also be used in cast floors via a special process. PSF shows that every type of plastic can be used sustainably.

PSF is extremely durable and vandal-proof. PSF lasts at least 50 years and can then be recycled at least 7 more times (longer cannot be tested) without the addition of other materials.

In addition, it is resistant to greases and chemicals, the various elements and graffiti does not adhere to the material. In short, PSF is very resistant to possible damage and has various applications. To make PSF more scratch-resistant, the surface can be provided (with a secret pre-treatment) with a one- or two-layer coating as desired. This creates an even better protected product. This is possible with a transparent coating and in a colour coating.

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