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Porocom ’porous construction material’ is an environmentally friendly material that reduces sound pollution. It is made from granules of recycled materials such as sintered coal ashes, clay and glass shards, combined with a binding agent made up of a thermosetting powder coating which is a residual product from the coating industry. When heated to about 200°C the granulate is brought into contact with this thermostatic paint. Due to a chemical reaction, the typical structure of Porocom is formed.

One of the main characteristics of this material is a porosity that can be adjusted from solid with 0% open space to highly porous with an open cell structure and 30% open space. Due to the high strength of the binder material, the yield strength can be 2 to 5 times higher than the strength of, for instance, standard concrete.

The effective absorption of noise and its 100% usage of residual materials makes Porocom an environmentally friendly material in two ways. Additionally, Porocom itself can be 100% recycled. Applications include: noise absorbing fences, aesthetic wall cladding, ceiling plates, floor tiles, roof tiles and noise absorbing floors.

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