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Piezoelectric Haptic Actuator

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Midé’s SHIVR line of piezoelectric haptic actuators are ideal for phones, tablets and other handheld or body worn devices that require communication through haptic feedback (i.e. touch). Thin, lightweight, low power and non-magnetic, they are also ideal for specialised bio-medical and industrial communication applications. With the HEK-200 Haptic Evaluation Kit, haptic designers can evaluate how piezoelectrics can fulfill their haptic feedback requirements.

In comparison with conventional magnetic actuators, piezoelectric haptic actuators are able to create a richer haptic experience as they allow single cycles, fast start-up, static deflection, and independent frequency, amplitude, and phase control capabilities, thus allowing the user to control the feel and intensity of the sensation. SHIVR piezoelectric haptic actuators consist of high-performance piezos that are packed into a protective skin with pre-attached leads, making them hermetically sealed, electrically insulated and robust. The built in electrical connection has the capability of providing multi-touch point arrays and provides a wide range of termination options making them easy to integrate into any system while providing the broadest array of haptic effects

The HEK-200 Evaluation Kit is a complete kit which drives the SP-21B piezoelectric actuator in three different scenarios: direct actuation, bonded actuation and inertial actuation. Direct Haptic Actuation demonstrates how a piezo actuator can be used to provide direct-to-skin tactile feedback. It also coarsely demonstrates how a button or screen could be moved up and down with a piezo actuator. Bonded Haptic Actuation demonstrates how a bonded piezo actuator can be used to create higher frequency low deflection localised effects for touch panels, joystick grips or other surfaces. Inertial haptic actuation demonstrates how a piezo actuator can be used to provide inertial feedback, analogous to an Eccentric Rotating Mass (ERM).

The kit generates four pre-written haptic patterns and provides an optional user input for each scenario.

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