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Based on branched polyols and aromatic polyisocyanates, Durapur self-leveling floor offers a seamless floor finish. Durapur’s hard and elastic nature as a seamless flooring solution make it ideal for use in hospitals, laboratories, commercial buildings, entrance foyers, museums and schools. In short, this flooring solution is ideal for use in areas that require high mechanical strength and wear resistance.

Durapur comes with a standard hard finish of 460C or 460T. It is available in several standard colours from Duracryl’s colour chart, which is in line with the RAL/NCS range. Various surface structures are possible as this flooring is available with a uni-colour appearance or as a concrete looking version. It can also be injected with decorative flakes Light colours are more susceptible to yellowing and therefore best provided with Hardfinish 460C (a colourfast and opaque topcoating).

In addition to its durability and high mechanical strength, Durapur also provides good thermal insulation as well as shock and impact resistance. Seamless and impervious after curing, Durapur self-levelling floors are also resistant to many inorganic acids, resins and solvents, thereby offering an excellent alternative to mortar floor and coating systems.

With a 2mm average layer thickness, Durapur can withstand foot traffic 24 hours after curing. Complete chemical hardening has taken place after 7 days at an average temperature of 15 ° C.

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