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Based on modified polyurethanes, Sprayflex is a high-quality seamless floor and wall finish. Permanently elastic, it covers cracks and dries quickly. Due a lack of joints, Sprayflex achieves a very hygienic surface finish and is therefore ideal for application in sanitary rooms and high care environments.

Sprayflex is available in various hardnesses and features a high mechanical strength. It can be sprayed onto foam surfaces and furniture as well as onto high-traffic surfaces such as stairs. Sprayflex is also suitable as a membrane for roof waterproofing, tanking and parking decks.

Applied in a thickness of 2 or 3 mm, Sprayflex can be finished to have a smooth surface or a light texture. Available in various colours, a matte or glossy finish is achievable as well as smooth, light enamel effect.

The Spraflex system includes a primer, sprayable spray flex and an optional seal layer (460 C). Suitable substrate or base materials include: concrete, stone, gypsum, sand cement, anhydride, wood, polystyrene, tiles, foam and metal.

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