Post-consumer recycled denim


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- story by MaterialDistrict

This fabric used to be a pair of jeans. Perhaps even your old jeans. Discarded jeans are sorted carefully, then shredded into small strips while a big magnet takes out all the metal parts (zippers, buttons, rivets, etc.). The fabric strips are then carded into fibres. To make the yarn strong enough for weaving purposes the recycled jeans fibres are mixed  with another material, in this case organic cotton (light and medium blue) and recycled PET bottles (the darkest grey tone).

On display are a twill fabric and two Enschede Textielstad X SOETEKOUW weaving patterns: the Base and Forza pattern from the ‘Surprise!’ upholstery collection.

Each fabric is offered in three colourways. The lighter the yarn, the more organic cotton is added.

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