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Powder Coating


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Alliance powder coating is a green manufacturing process. There are no VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) nor HAP’s (Hazardous Air Pollutants) emitted through this process. In most instances the paint over spray can be reclaimed and reused, which can mean a transfer efficiency or paint usage greater than 95%. Two coats of paint can be applied in a single booth, with a subsequent co-cure. This significantly reduces the carbon footprint with significantly less curing time required.

This powder coating has high durability and, in case of impact it provides high mark and scratch resistance. Good chemical resistance. Powder is suited for both indoor as well as all exterior applications.

A wide selection of metallic; texture and solid color painted finishes is available. With the Alliance “AG” (Automotive Grade) technologies, Alliance is able to produce finishes meeting the standards in the automotive industry. Furthermore the use of powder allows a great transfer efficiency of paint, without requiring the expensive capital and operation costs of pollution abatement systems.

Alliance powder technologies allow the powder coating of almost all heat sensitive substrates:
Traditional Temperature cure – 175 Celsius (PA, PBT, Glass, SMC)
Low Temperature cure – 120 Celsius (TPO, PP, PC)
Ultra Low Temperature Cure – 100 Celsius (ABS, PP, PVC)

Suitable Substrate Materials:

  • TPO – Thermoplastic olefins
  • PP – Polypropylene
  • PCABS – Polycarbonate Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • PA –(Nylon)
  • Glass
  • BMC/SMC Sheet molded compounds
  • Fiberglass
  • PC – Polycarbonate
  • PVC – Polyvinylcloride

The major applications are for automotive and architecture exteriors, coat applications for handles, bezels and control panels, watercrafts and electronics (cell phones, televisions, monitors and laptops)

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