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Sphere Glass are a 3D decorative glass designs incorporated into decors. Sphere Glass is created with domes of slumped glass in various diameters, that are individually formed and attached to background panels of Clear (allows for 100% light transmission) or Cast (provides a decorative background while creating privacy) textured glass, ready to install to walls or surfaces.

Seven designs are available (Sphere, Spheredrop, Trisphere, Quadrasphere, Diasphere, Pentashpere and Hexasphere) in a range of different colours (clear, low iron, green, blue, bluegreen, aqua blue, grey, bronze). Spheres are normally attached to one side only, but can be attached to both sides and they can be safety tempered and/or laminated.
Different thicknesses are available as well as different sizes.
various tints are possible between green, blue, aqua and bronze.

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