Premier modular flooring


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Floors with class thanks to the super matte appearance. The name Premier owes the floor to the knot-free design, like the best wooden floors. The entire Premier series is available in four colours and three variants: herringbone, Hungarian point and long planks.

PVC is a hard and brittle product based on petroleum (43%) and salt (57%). Adding plasticizers makes the PVC flexible. PVC is used for many products. It is strong and lightweight. It can also be easily recycled and can be processed in many different ways.

Therdex PVC floors have lifelike designs and are available in herringbone, long planks, Hungarian point and tiles. All their products consist of 4 layers, namely: the PU layer, the wear layer, the film layer and the PVC backing. The 4 layers are compressed into a sturdy and durable floor. The layers are then finished to the correct size, bevel and mattness.

The PU layer gives the plank extra protection and ensures the correct mattness of PVC. The wear layer protects the floor against intensive use and ensures that the floor is scratch-resistant. The film layer is the print of the floor. The color and structure become visible. The bottom part of the floor is the PVC backing. This backing ensures the strength of the floor and the correct sound insulation.

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