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Façade claddings meet high technical demands. Every cladding has to be completely wind- and waterproof. It has to protect against fire and last in extreme weather conditions. It doesn’t come as a surprise that the development of true sustainable façade materials has been proven difficult. Recently, the company Pretty Plastic has developed a tile that consists entirely of recycled PVC building material waste. Because only waste streams are being used in the production process, every tile is slightly different, which gives façades a natural look.

PrettyPlastic© is a cladding material that gives discarded building products a second life. Made of old window frames, downspouts, and rain gutters, PrettyPlastic© shows that waste can become beautiful. The tiles are fully fireproof certified and can be applied on any building. By both cleaning up waste streams and producing a cladding material that can be endlessly recycled in the future, the PrettyPlastic© tile truly contributes to a circular economy: from trash to tile. Over and over again.

PrettyPlastic® is made out of 100% upcycled plastic collected from waste from the building sector. So your tiles might have been a window or a water pipe in an earlier life. Pretty Plastic© facade tiles are made out of PVC due to its great qualities in regards to fire-, weather- and UV-resistance.

The company is currently also testing other types of recycled plastic for interior and exterior tiles and will be adding those in the future. So far they offer four different colours (grey, terracotta, green and ocre) in three different shades (light, medium, dark). Bespoke colours and designs are available upon request.

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