Recycled acrylic: Greencast® & Ecocrylic® XT

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PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic is leading in recycled acrylic in the Netherlands. They have two brands of recycled acrylic on stock: Greencast® 100% recycled cast acrylic in a variety of more than 25 colours and a range of different thicknesses. Ecocrylic XT is 70% recycled extruded acrylic which is in stock in clear, opal and black.

Acrylic is extremely suitable for recycling. It is the cleanest plastic from a recycling point of view. In contrast with many other plastics, acrylic is very suitable for both mechanical and chemical recycling. The advantage of this is that there is no downcycling with acrylic, whereby a secondary product of lower quality is produced. There is truly a closed-loop recycling. Acrylic can be completely returned to the basic raw material (from polymer to monomer) during the recycling process. From this basic raw material, completely clear (or in any desired colour) new acrylic sheets can then be made. Best of all, you can recycle it over and over again without losing quality.

PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic is wholesaler, fabricator and developer of acrylic and environmentally friendly plastics and for that they have for every material an environmentally friendly alternative. The company is distributor for the environmentally friendly brands Greencast®, Ecocrylic® XT, Smile Plastics®, Plasticiet® and Durat® Palace.

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