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Prior™ is a flexible multipurpose flooring product installed as primary outdoor matting, fitted into matwells, or applied to a variety of industrial and commercial tasks. The product structure incorporates resilient scrapers to remove particulate dirt.
Prior™ is available in three different heel proof constructions;
Prior™ 11C
A 11mm PVC tile with a closed construction to allow easy maintenance. The thickness makes the tile suitable for installation in shallow matwells or surface mounted directly on the subfloor right next to any type of floor covering.
Prior™ 16
A 16mm PVC tile with an open construction for an efficient drainage and storage of dirt and moisture. Suitable for installation in recessed matwells. Suitable for sites with heavy soiling conditions where regular deep cleaning maintenance regime is monitored.
Prior™ 16C
A super heavy duty 16mm PVC tile with a closed construction for installation in recessed matwells with high to extreme traffic conditions. The closed construction allows easy and frequent maintenance.
Edging System
Edge strip of 40cm long – connecting directly on Prior™ and Forma™ tiles. Not available for Prior™ 16C.

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