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These materials from the ProClima range provide an ecological alternative to conventional methods of timber frame construction by combining high levels of energy efficiency and safety from potential problems associated with condensation risk.
DB+ is a cellulose vapour check while Intello Plus is polyethylene copolymer membrane which contains a polypropylene reinforcement layer. The materials work as vapour barriers/checks and come out of the pro clima Intelligent Airtight System range.
These two materials have humidity-variable vapour diffusion resistance characteristics. This provides protection against unforeseen moisture entry (e.g. through leaks, damp building materials or diffusion through adjoining structural surfaces) It can be used for thermal insulation and structural elements, compared to conventional vapour barriers/checks.
Solitex WA is a spun-bonded high density polypropylene nonwoven micro-fibre fleece. It is a strong, breathable membrane specifically designed to protect and enhance timber frame structures.
Solitex PLUS, the WA brother, is a diffusion-open vapour permeable membrane. The material offers a high vapour permeability and is extreme watertight. The materials is nail tear resistant and thermostable. Solitex Plus offers superior protection against condensation risk and extreme resistance against pelting rain
Both Solitex Materials give the structure protection against driving rain, snow and dust during construction. After the construction it protects the structure against excessive damp and any water ingress that may penetrate the outer cladding. It can be applied in the factory to the external face of pre-fabricated wall panels, or on-site to timber frame wall assemblies.

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