Visu Glass Blocks

United Kingdom
Orbic Glass

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This material is no longer available.

Visu Glass Blocks is an innovative architectural glass material which transmits and reflects brilliant colours. It incorporates dichroic colour filters which change colour depending on the viewing angle, the position and sort of light source. By the innovative use of a colour filter and mirroring techniques the material offers an illuminating new experience in glass block architecture.

There are multiple ways to build a wall of Visu Glass Blocks. The standard method is using mortar spacers and steel re-enforcing rods. But Orbic Glass developed their own system called Visu Wall Quick Build Frame Construction.

The system is a quick, easy and clean way to build a re-enforced stainless steel window construction using visu glass blocks. It uses a bespoke frame to the customers specifications. The window construction is mechanically fixed, uses no cements or adhesives and can be constructed quickly and simply. They can supply readymade constructed frames for Visu glass blocks using stainless steel, powder coated mild steel or hard wood. Or you can choose and order your frame size, frame finish, glass block colours. You can construct it yourself, buy a fully assembled unit or have it built and installed on site.

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