Recy Screen


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- story by MaterialDistrict

Recy Screen is made of plastic waste material, coloured plastic sheets and with an additions of a special object made from plastic (e.g. flowers). It is a much thinner alternative to the Recy Block. Recy Screen can be used for finishing works and elements where a translucent material character is required. The Recy Screen is 4–20 mm thick, the tiles are usually attached to a framework or other sub-structure for support.

Recy Screen combines structural capacities with a highly artistic approach. Aiming for products for division walls or lighting objects. The process requires the selection of appropriate plastics to produce the semi-transparent and colourful elements. They can be additionally decorated with motives from other recyclable synthetic materials.

Due to their rectangular shape (300 x 600 mm), Recy Screen can be easily assembled to decorate walls or other architectural elements. Recy Screen can also be cut in every other required form (within the 300 x 600 mm).

The materiality of the screens, the semi transparence, allows to make a huge lighting object like a luminous wall-paper

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