TRADITION Cork floor tiles


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Natural cork floor tiles, to be used as an interior floor covering. TRADITION cork tiles are made of 100% cork, both recycled from cork stoppers manufacturing and virgin cork. Tiles have a natural sanded pre-finish, ready for colouring and sealing, being possible to customize size and thickness.

Cork floor tiles are produced from natural cork and using all the waste resulting from the industrial processing of cork. Cork production is a responsible practice, without any trees being cut, with minimal impact on the environment, conserving biodiversity and ecosystem integrity.

TRADITION cork floors, with about 90% natural and recycled cork content, are sustainable, environmentally responsible and contribute to the conservation and protection of forests. They are biodegradable and do not contain PVC, plasticizers or other substances hazardous to health or the environment.

TRADITION floors are available in tiles to be glued directly to the floor (standard dimension is 600x300x4 mm). With a wide variety of textures and organic natural tones, TRADITION floors are elegant, quiet, comfortable and environmentally friendly, yet easy to install and maintain; the perfect solution for creating cosy interior decor styles, from modern to traditional.

With various low emission certifications, TRADITION cork floors contribute to a safer indoor environment.


  • Safe and easy to handle and install;
  • Effective reduction of impact sound;
  • Increases the thermal comfort;
  • Persistence of characteristics along time;
  • Lightweight, elastic and odourless;
  • Without the release of toxic gases when burning;
  • No harmful chemicals;
  • Contains 100% natural cork, 90% of post-industrial recycled cork;
  • Natural, biodegradable and recyclable product;
  • Contains no PVC and no softeners or other substances hazardous to health or environment;
  • FSC® certified (on request).

With a wide variety of natural textures and the possibility to customise sizes, colours and finishes, the TRADITION range provides the perfect solution to create unique and attractive decor styles, from modern to traditional, always with the comfort of cork.

TRADITION cork floors are perfect for new construction or renovation, in residential or commercial applications, bringing the warmth and natural comfort of cork to your environment.


  • FSC® certified (available upon request);
  • Certification for low chemical emissions GreenGuard GOLD;
  • Compliance with VOC emissions regarding AgBB scheme and French Classification A+;
  • CE mark.

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