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Patchwork cork tiles or panels produced by gluing and pressing several pieces of natural cork, to be used as a wallcovering within buildings.

Standard dimensions are 900×600 and 600×300 mm and the thickness can vary from 20 to 35 mm depending on the type of texture. The surface can be natural or coloured.

RUSTICORK uses strips of natural cork, which are discarded for the manufacture of stoppers, or pieces of virgin cork in its raw state, to create an absolutely unique and impossible to imitate appearance and texture. For this reason, RUSTICORK is unique and it is specified not only for its aesthetics, but also for its function and its natural state, truly organic.

Each cork oak forest is carefully managed, with cork oaks that live for more than 200 years, in which cork is harvested responsibly, without impacting the tree, and a new layer grows back that is ready for harvest in approximately nine years. In addition, the cork oak has a remarkable capacity to retain carbon and a stripped cork oak retains almost five times more carbon. These exceptional characteristics make cork a naturally sustainable product and its use contributes to the preservation of the environment and a unique habitat in the world.

RUSTICORK not only offers an unmistakable natural aesthetic, it is also a wall covering that helps to combat noise and retain temperature. Natural, biodegradable and recyclable, Available in 600×300 mm boards and 900×600 mm panels, the thickness varies between 25 to 35 mm depending on the type of texture.

Made only with natural cork, it doesn’t have any harmful products and can be supplied natural or coloured according to the needs.

With various low emission certifications, RUSTICORK contributes to a safer indoor environment.

Introducing cork in its purest and most organic form, RUSTICORK uses natural cork to create striking walls with unique effects. Perfect for new construction or renovation, in residential or commercial applications, the incredible texture of RUSTICORK gives the interior walls a truly unique aesthetic and striking sensory and emotional characteristics.


  • Safe and easy to handle and install;
  • Effective reduction of airborne sound;
  • Increases the thermal comfort;
  • Persistence of characteristics along time;
  • Lightweight and odourless;
  • Without the release of toxic gases when burning;
  • No harmful chemicals;
  • Natural, biodegradable and recyclable product.


  • FSC® certified (available upon request);
  • Certification for low chemical emissions GreenGuard GOLD;
  • Compliance with VOC emissions regarding AgBB scheme and French
  • Classification A+;
  • CE mark.

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