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- story by Vescom BV


As part of its dedication to researching new alternatives and exploring future materials with an eye to sustainability, Vescom has gone back to the root of upholstery fabrics: the yarn itself. Working with a new type of yarn made entirely from recycled PET bottles from local sources, the company has designed, developed and produced four cost-effective eco-friendly upholstery fabrics with a soft touch that meet the highest performance specifications for the contract market.

four structures, one family
Designed to work in unison, the four structures that make up Vescom’s yarn-dyed recycled upholstery family – Wilson, a basic weave; Avon, a melange; Norfolk, a grid; and Harding, a twill – honour fundamental weaving techniques. The non-directionality of some structures makes them incredibly easy to combine with one another – and to integrate into interiors.

a match-and-play palette
Like the structures themselves, the 59 fabric colours – from subtle neutrals to bold brights – across Wilson, Avon, Norfolk and Harding can be playfully mixed and matched in interiors and on furniture. In designing its own diverse yarn bank attuned to today’s needs, Vescom achieved a maximum of different tones and hues with a minimum of colours. The inclusion of multiple shades of certain colours offers more possibilities, while the ability to use colours in different ways across the four designs is more efficient, making this recycled upholstery even more responsible.

strong performance guaranteed
Vescom’s high-performance recycled upholstery has undergone vigorous testing to ensure it meets the strict demands of the contract market. Extremely durable and with a long life cycle, the products pass all European flame retardancy tests, a quality that’s embedded into the yarn itself rather than applied as a finish, guaranteeing it remains permanently contained within the fabric. The fabrics are also certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, ensuring they have absolutely no adverse impact on human health.

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