Ribella terrazzo sink


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- story by Huguet Mallorca


“Ribella”: a customizable terrazzo sink, updates the most traditional of products in Mediterranean architecture: the sinks, or washbasins made from terrazzo or artificial stone.

Thanks to an important innovation both in the composition of the material, as well as in the design and production method, Huguet can now offer contemporary, customisation pieces not just with the colours of the aggregates used, (from 1mm of diameter, up to 30 or 40cm), but also in terms of size (reaching 4.50m in length) or shape, meaning a more unique and detailed kind of architecture to developed.

It is a product which Huguet would expect to last a hundred-years, is always repairable, and could be recycled with ease (if necessary); as it is made entirely of stone aggregates and cement. The aggregates used are, in most cases, all recycled. It is an extremely traditional product from the Mediterranean architectural tradition, made entirely in Majorca, and thanks to this updated look, speaks to an international customer.

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