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RELIEFGLASS is manufactured by heating and forming different kinds of flat
glasses. It can be used as monolithic glass or assembled as safety glass, and as double-glazed units with acoustic, thermal insulation and solar control functions.
Safety glass can be produced by thermally toughening or coating with a special safety polyurethane fluid artificial resin.
RELIEFGLASS is suitable for many exterior and interior applications for example:
– monolithic or double glazing for windows, doors or glass-facades
– point fixed glasses
– room dividers, shower screens, doors, wall cladding, panelling and
decorative panels
– furniture, tables, counter tops, desks, shelves, furnishings for kitchen
and bathrooms
– lighting products for walls, floors and ceilings
There are four groups of standard product designs with different types. Additional to these standards it is possible to produce individual designs.

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