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TTURA is a patented mixture of 80% recycled glass and 20% solvent-free
resin. TTURA meets British Standards for fire propagation and flame spread,
ignitability, burning behaviour, strength (compressive, flexural and tensile), thermal expansion, slip resistance, tensile bond strength and resistance to abrasion, impact, humidity and liquids. It is also resistant to cigarette burns, oils, petrol, diesel, alcohol, urine and dilute acids and alkalis.
TTURA can be used as paving, cladding, interior floors and walls, stair treads, decorative panels, furniture (including street furniture), and decorative 3D architectural features. It can be obtained from TTURA in bespoke shapes and sizes to suit the specifier’s own design. TTURA is available in any British Standard or RAL colour and in translucent mixes for backlit applications.

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