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SGG Vario


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Prada Boutique, Aoyama, Tokyo
New standards set by star architects and Pritzker prize winners Herzog & de
Meuron’s new building in Tokyo for the cult brand PRADA.
The architectural application of three-dimensional curved frameless glazing had previously been virtually impossible.
Once the clients and Herzog & de Meuron had selected Eckelt Glas as the right supplier, the feasibility of the glass construction was checked with the aid of a computer program and a trial set-up based on the complicated geometrical shapes required. The making of the necessary calculations by Eckelt Glas, together with the architects and the metal fabricator, took more than a year to complete and ultimately led to the conclusion that an adjusted version of SGG Vario could be produced which would satisfy the aesthetic and technical requirements (e.g. earthquake and fire resistance).
Saint Gobian Glass Vario is a patented insulating glass which typically creates the appearance of a complete glass facade. The glass itself is manufactured by Saint Gobain Glass and supplied by Eckelt. Further information is available on The glass elements were fixed to an integrated system component and pressed against the inner seal using a special fastening. The integrated system component served to achieve mechanical attachment of the exterior elements and prevent them from falling. This special construction was officially approved; responsibility for the application for official approval rested with the client. European Patent: EP 0628672, Prada Boutique Aoyama, Tokyo

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