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Rezign® Veneer is a composite material based on recycled textile or natural fibres in combination with a natural binder. The material Rezign® Veneer uses clothing waste from your customer’s own post-consumer, fast fashion or company clothing. This material can be used and processed into high-quality design applications in a circular way and shows the beauty and aesthetics from its origin.

The material finds application as a veneer in custom interiors such as kitchens, pantries, cupboards, counters and displays. Rezign® Veneer finds also usage in other industries such as: aesthetic automotive interior, yachting interior, construction (wall cladding), retail (clothes hangers and POS-signing).

The material is combined with a thermoplastic and biological binding agent, which means that it is deformable. For example, the material can be deformed with heat and pressure, after shredding it can be reformed and when combined with natural fibers (flax, hemp, jute) it can also be composted.

The material can also be made custom with your own clothing. Ready to join?

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