Ecolan® recycled solid surface


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Ecolan® is Marlan’s new recycled solid surface brand. Ecolan® consists of 35% recycled solid surface material. Ecolan® starts with 3 designs:

  • Neutral White: completely white recycled solid surface sheet that can also be recycled time and time again
  • Confetti Pink: a cheerful confetti p sheet with the basic colour white and pink, yellow, orange and blue flakes
  • Confetti Red: a cheerful confetti sheet with the basic colour white and red, green, blue and yellow/terra flakes

Neutral White can be recycled into the same product again and again. Confetti can also be recycled after use, but then a different colour solid surface sheet is made.

Composition and properties
Solid Surface sheet material is made of mineral filler bonded in a polyester resin, in the case of Marlan®. Solid Surface material is known for its excellent properties. This material is chemical-resistant, non-flammable, food-safe, non-porous, anti-bacterial, and biologically neutral. The surface of this material is robust and very easy to maintain.

Advantages of a solid surface with polyester resin
Ecolan® is a solid surface sheet made with a polyester resin. Corian and Hi-Macs are made with an acrylic resin, which allows you to bend it. A solid surface sheet made with polyester resin cannot be bent, but it does have other advantages:

  • is more chemical resistant
  • is easier and more beautiful to sand
  • is harder and feels more like stone

Material Properties