Turmeric as ‘mood booster’


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- story by MaterialDistrict

Turmeric is a special herb, to which healing powers are attributed. It is used for various conditions such as chronic inflammations, vasoconstriction and cancer. People’s moods can also be influenced positively with this herb.

The applicability of turmeric, or yellow root as it is also called, intrigues designer Lisa Ortsen. The question that puzzels her: have we reached the limit or can we use its healing power in different ways still? Ways that tingle our senses or that makes us use our senses in ways we couldn’t comprehend till now?

Turmeric has a full ocher yellow colour. Scientific research shows that colors can influence the psyche of a person. Yellow stands for optimism, the summer and a new beginning. This colour can improve your concentration, your memory and your mood. By ‘catching’ turmeric in interior products, Ortsen wanted to use its colour and let it be a ‘mood booster’ for all who look at it. She hopes people enjoy the design, the stimulating effect and the sound-absorbing qualities of the wool, with which the products are made. A combination of functionality and beauty.

Each product is unique and hand-crafted in Ortsen’s own studio. The design is sleek and also partly graphic. Besides the usefulness of absorbing ambient noise, the fabrics are an eye-catcher. From start to finish, her production process characterizes itself as much as possible as fair and sustainable.

Photos: Jkeyphotography

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