Richlite Rainshadow

United States

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This material is no longer available.

Richlite Rainshadow panels are made of a FSC-certified recycled paper composite that is weather resistant. The colour of Richlite is the result of the combination of the paper colour and the colour of the resin. No dyes are added in the highly sustainable manufacturing process. Richlite Rainshadow is available in four colours. As they age, the colours darken, become richer, warmer and more dramatic. Coulder Bronze will darken to rich brownish-black. Buckhorn Brown and Copper Peak both start as medium brown hues and are ageing into a warmer, honey-brown shades. Midnight Iron will hardly change. As the manufacturing process does not allow absolute control over the colour of the final product, slight changes between sheets will occur, but will lessen as they age. Richlite is a pressed product – not cast, nor extruded. The product comes in 0,79 cm-thick but due to the pressing process, there are slight variations in the thickness of the panels. The surface texture is a result of the pressing process and has a ‘mill finish’. It has a mottled appearance, which patterns in a striated effect lengthwise. Over time and with use, the product will develop a seasoned appearance characteristic of the material. Richlite is very durable, but it can scratch. Scratches will eventually patina and are superficial. There will be more luster or burnishing in areas of heavier use. Overall it will appear softer and deeper in colour and pattern. It is similar to the manner in which natural wood ages over time.

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