Siberian larch WaxedWood Cladding


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WaxedWood is a very weather resistant wood, used for highly visible and decorative timbers.

It is made of vacuum pressure treated Siberian Larch, which is impregnated with a water repellent additive for providing improved dimensional stability and increased protection against the elements. The production method is based on a vacuum pressure treatment. This gives the timber protection from wood decay. At the same time the wood is impregnated with a wax mixture. A preservative with a water repellent additive (TANALITH EXTRA) provides extra protection against moisture and reduces maintenance requirements.

Due to this technology a new dimension is offered with Siberian Larch. Prior to impregnation the timber is often face band sawn. This method now offers opportunities for open and closed cladding in different shapes and dimensions.

The Siberian larch used in the material is a pine wood product often used for cladding. It has a high aesthetic value because of its natural, pale green colour. The WaxedWood material has various colour effects: from natural pale green to warm rich brown to silver grey.

The wood used comes from sustainable managed forests earning the product a FSC or PEFC label. The timber has been comprehensively assessed for LCA also has the Dutch Dubokeur and Komo certificate.

Particular benefits of the wood are: sustainable and durable protection against wood decay, fungi and insects; excellent weathering properties and improved durability of applied coating systems due to increased dimensional stability. The producers can also give a 15 year independent guarantee on projects using WaxedWood.

Material Properties