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Safety Tiles


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Safety tiles is a range of non-slip and secure-grip floor tiles. In order to avoid industrial accidents, employers‘ liability insurance associations prescribe a specific quality for flooring. Thanks to differing tile surface profiles, Zahna Safety floor tiles can achieve anti-slip properties of R9 to R13 and grip depths of V0 to V10. The range is completed with a special series for wet, barefoot area
Slippery media, as are to be found in many areas, have a negative influence upon the friction conditions. In DIN 51130 (specifications for anti-slip characteristics for working areas and working spaces with increased risk of slipping) particular attention is paid to the R values for walking on flooring with footwear.The higher the inclination of the respective assessment group, the higher the permissible critical values of the floor covering.
Assessment group R 9 is therefore the group for the area subject to the lowest load level, R13 the assessment group for the area with the highest load to bear.

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