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SAM (Sustainable Advanced Materials) is a completely sustainable fibre panel produced in the Netherlands. It is made entirely from recycled organic residual material. SAM is completely free of toxins such as formaldehyde and volatile aromatic hydrocarbons. SAM panels can be easily used for furniture, displays, walls, signs, and a wide range of products where fibre boards are used.

The production of SAM panels is environmentally friendly and takes place in the production facility in Venlo. SAM panels are made from cellulose fibres, examples of which are grass, hemp, processed cow manure, denim fabric, and paper-based fibres such as label paper. Only fibres (cellulose), water, pressure, and heat are involved in the production process. The used water is recycled up to 99.5 percent. Microbes do not stand a chance due to the pressure and high temperature.

SAM Panels are composed of 100% biobased materials and 100% recycled waste materials. This composition makes it entirely recyclable.

SAM technology enables waste materials, which are typically burned or discarded, to be integrated into a strong and exceptionally versatile composite panel. This panel serves as the foundation for producing high-quality, eco-friendly, non-toxic, clean, and healthy products for a wide range of applications and markets. By utilizing waste materials, SAM contributes to sustainable waste management practices.

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