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Sonite Scapa Solid Surface embodies the idea that an eco-friendly material can also reflect a high sense of design. Waste resin normally destined for landfills is recycled and blended with high-grade fillers to producing a distinctive texture. This unique material can be used for paneling, table and countertops, as well as furniture. Its nonporous structure gives it good resistance to stains and bacterial growth (which are common with stone), especially in the kitchen, bathroom, and other areas requiring high sanitary standards.

Scapa is chemically resistant and easy to clean; a green product where waste has been transformed into something useful, unique, and beautiful. Sonite materials are thinner and lighter than conventional glass and ceramic options, making for easy application on walls, ceilings, countertops and other surfaces, including edged and curved areas. They likewise firmly adhere to most substrates including glass, gypsum board, wood and cement. The materials’ composition, moreover, allows for installation using conventional thinset adhesive mortars. Moisture resistance furthermore makes Sonite surfaces ideal for bathrooms, spa facilities, indoor swimming pools as well as covered outdoor areas.


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