Steel floor tiles


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A noble material shows its effect: ferritic and stainless steel are modern, individually and creatively used. Hoba steel tiles can be made from stainless steel in seven different surfaces in five construction heights. Whether pure or stainless steel, it can be used in combination with other ground- or wall coverings.

The surface Ferrit is not a stainless product. Ferrit is a hot-rolled steel material which is coloured partly cobalt blue during the cooling process. In the predominant areas the ferrite steel has grey nuances and also rolled-in slag is characteristic for its natural surface. Some slight rust approach are sometimes visible also. The only surface protection is a wax layer which is coated during the production already and which will be renewed over an addition to the cleaning water during the regular maintenance. The tiles can be used in both the urban areas and in the residential section. Available sizes are 1200 x 150 mm to 1200 x 2400 mm

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